Grain Bin Rescue Training

Central Valley/Interstate Mills  provided Grain Bin Rescue Training for their employees and the first responders that service our communities.

“We value our partnership with local rescue teams for the service they provide to our business and our patrons and felt that we wanted to open these sessions up for all of those who would like to attend”stated Dave Picha, Safety Manager at Central Valley/Interstate Mills. GB12

With the plentiful harvest we observed in our area last fall, we find ourselves looking at the potential for individuals to get themselves in trouble transferring grain on and off the farm.  In an effort to keep our employees trained in the event of an entrapment or incident with grain, we worked with the Safety and Security Consultation Specialists of Southern MN, who brought in a grain entrapment  simulator to demonstrate how fast an entrapment can happen and the importance of a well-executed plan.  A plan is vital in ensuring a positive outcome in these situations.  They spoke about tools needed and making a list of those who could help if a situation arose, also everyone in attendance had an opportunity to be on a team that recused one of their members from the simulator.

DSC00468 This is the type of training you hope to never have to use, but in our communities this is very real so please enter every bin with caution and the understanding that things can happen very fast, never take a chance and always let someone know your plans.


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