B10 Mandate

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On April 1 the Minnesota B10  mandate will go into effect for diesel fuel sold in Minnesota.  The B10 biodiesel will be sold April 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015 considered Minnesota’s warm months.  The biodiesel sold during this time period must be at least 10% biodiesel fuel.   October 1 through March 31 the biodiesel mandate reverts back to at least 5% biodiesel.  One exemption to the Mandate is number 1 diesel fuel is exempt year round.  Currently, every gallon of diesel fuel sold in Minnesota contains a blend of 5 percent biodiesel (B5), made primarily from soybean oil. The move to 10 percent (B10) is written into a statute passed in 2007.  If you have any questions about fuel or this mandate please call your Central Valley energy sale person. 


Fred Urch – 507-676-7088

Steve Lonning –  507-456-7658

Mike Keller –   507-649-0383

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