Precision Information for Maximum Returns

What do the following words or phrases have in common?  Sustainability, Environmental Impact, In-Season product purchases, Maximize nutrient usage, Return on Investment, Increase profits and yields, Growers taking a leadership role, In-house team of experts, Local Data, Big Data, Time tested, Manage your risk, Measure, Verify and Real-Time Decision Making.

The words and phrases listed above all describe actions and/or the results of enrolling you’re acres in Central Advantage!  The downward pressure on per acre margins has resulted in a renewed interest in Return on Investment (ROI) and nothing creates, analyzes and records ROI like Central Advantage.  With Central Advantage you will drill down to the most important level of ROI – per bushel ROI.  With so many factors effecting your bottom line, the Real-Time Decisions you make throughout the growing season, have the ability to make or break the profitability for that field or farm.  Central Advantage has been recording, organizing and  storing local data since 2003.  Twelve years of data that has and is being queried with the sole purpose of increasing the probability of decisions you make having a positive outcome.

For example:  What has been the average response to v5 fungicide on a certain soil type or with a certain hybrid?  Do the K levels matter?  What about in a wet year? Dry year?  Should I put a stabilizer in my side-dress nitrogen?  What has been the response to Nitrate Now?  With Learning blocks we have and continue to prove our applications by limiting the variables and isolating our tests within zones of productivity!

The questions are limited only by your imagination and the answers are in the data base waiting to be discussed in an actionable and understandable way.  In addition to our agronomist we have 6 highly trained Precision Ag specialists ready to give you one on one recommendations along with fast efficient service.  There are many new entrants into the Precision Ag/Big Data space.  Don’t be fooled by imitators.  The Central Advantage program was built in our trade area with your soils and environmental variables.

See one of our professional agronomist and signup for Central Advantage and Nitrate NowPrecision Information for Maximum Return.


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