Central Valley donates funds for Grain Bin Rescue Equipment to Northfield Rescue Squad

Getting stuck in a bin of flowing grain is usually a death sentence, and fall harvest is a time when farmers and their helpers are getting in and out of bins as they work to get the crop dried and stored. Please be safe. If something was to occur it is usually our local fire departments and first responders that are called to farms and grain elevators to rescue people who are entrapped. But rescuers need to have the necessary equipment to get the person that’s trapped in the grain out safe and sound.  When we did our training in February we learned of departments that did not have what they needed if something like this was to occur.

To address this concern Central Valley along with matching funds from Land o’ Lakes has donated $3500 to the Northfield Rescue Squad so that they may purchase Grain Bin Rescue Equipment.  This equipment will include the grain rescue tubes, storage bags, slide hammer, auger & drill and additional training on proper use. This fall we will also donate the same equipment to the Hayfield Fire Department.  Our goal is to be able to provide two additional departments with this equipment next year.  Have a safe and bountiful harvest!

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